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Boredom busting kids summer activities

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Chasing the dogs in the backyard with a Nerf gun

Building with LEGO's inside (to stay cool)

Watching movies to the point where he now knows the words

Running around the backyard, pretending to be anything from a pirate to a ninja to a Power Ranger

Reading comic books

Building forts out of chairs and blankets on rainy days


We like to go to free summer music concerts at the park. We love live bands, and the kids enjoy dancing to the songs as well. The library has free activities for kids of differing ages and we'll sometimes go to plays if it's not too expensive for a family of 4.

Various Christian churches also have free or little to no costs events for kids, summer camps, etc. I've looked into some for the kids.


Yesterday while the children were weeding in the garden my youngest daughter, who was weeding the parsley, found a caterpillar. So I did what I did when my older girls were little - it's a fun, cheap, educational activity for kids (and moms!)


Container with holes - a berry container works well but tape the slots half way or the caterpillar can escape

Jar lid - this makes a perfect water dish for the caterpillar

A smidgen of raw honey - for sweetness, though this would be better for actual butterflies than caterpillars

Greens (kale, parsley are our choices) - caterpillars need to eat and be sure to give them fresh stuff each day.....remember the hungry caterpillar book? Very applicable!

Then all you have to do is watch and wait and watch and wait, replenishing food and water as needed. Then one day the caterpillar will spin its chrysallis. Once that is complete make sure the children do not jar the container too much and wait for the butterfly to emerge in about 10-14 days.

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Boredom busting kids summer activities
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