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My breastfeeding baby is refusing to take a bottle

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Avery would take a bottle, but definitely didn't like it as much as the nipple. We switched to a bottle that had a wider nipple and that helped. If your baby is really against it try buying one especially made to replicate the breast experience. They can be pricy, but you'll probably only need one or two. Once they get used to that bottle you could probably transition to the cheaper bottles.


have someone else give them the bottle while you're out of the house. Babies can smell their moms from a distance of at least 20 feet, and she/he may know you're around even if you're in another room.

Try holding the baby in a totally different position than they would when breastfeeding. Try putting her in a car seat so they are semi-upright, and then feed your baby the bottle while facing them.

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My breastfeeding baby is refusing to take a bottle
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