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Kids walking to school: is it safe?

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Honestly the way things are this day I don't even let my kids walk around the block. I did let my daughter and her friend walk to the store a few months ago and it's only like a half a mile from the house. They are 15 & 16 yrs old. and they called me and told me some older guy was following them around the store and that they got there stuff and left fast. I didn't have a car at the house so I asked where they were and they said by the convenience store at the end of our road and I told them to go in there and stay till I walked down there. So after that no I will not let them walk anywhere alone. We have had people trying to abduct kids in several counties and cities around her lately


According to the National Highway Traffic Safe Administration (NHTSA) children, even in the same grade, vary in their readiness to handle traffic situations, such as choosing a safe time to cross a street. In general, children are not ready to cross a street alone until age 10.

I live right a cross the street from the bus stop. So I don't always have to walk them to there bus stop. I started to teach my kids how to look both ways before crossing the at age 5. It really boils down to training and how society is structured. It also depends on the parents and how comfortable they feel to allow the child to be on his own on the streets. One really cannot say at such and such age the child should cross the street on his own. Some children are slow starters and some very quick to grasp things. I have a boy and a girl and they started to do things at different ages not eactly the same thing at a particular age.

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Kids walking to school: is it safe?
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