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I want another baby: Am I ready to have?

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There's no right or wrong time to have another baby..It's all about whether or not you feel supported/ready to have another baby. If you and your partner agree that it's time to have another, go for it. If there is doubt on either side, you're probably better off waiting until that doubt can be resolved.


I have 4 beautiful children and would love more little ones! The hubby not so much lol. This is the longest I've gone without being pregnant :-( My youngest is 19 months now and growing out of the baby phase. I miss the dependency of a newborn. Maybe one day I can talk the hubby into more.


We decided with my husband going to be 37 in April we would start to try for my second baby. Its his 7th but I wanted another one and with the two that we had adopted out really its like its only number 5. But I'm excited to be pregnant again!! I know two will be hard but when you feel its time its just time.


I found out a few weeks ago that I'm expecting another baby around July.

I know its going to be really hard but my daughter doesn't live with me except a few days a week. I know I can do this but I'm not sure if I want to another time.


I have 3 amazing (and frustating!) children and am also a partner in an accounting firm. I'm also seeminly insane because, even though I turned 38 recently, I maybe/sort of/absolutely want another baby.


My youngest is three and for the longest time I was saying 8 is enough with my husband but lately I've thought that I wouldn't mind another but know my husband doesn't want an more.

I miss the baby stage as time consuming as it is, I miss being pregnant and I miss breastfeeding even though I just weaned our youngest in March/April of this year.

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I want another baby: Am I ready to have?
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