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Pastel paintings for kids to do: what supplies do they need?

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Pastel painting with kids can be very fun, and quite messy too!

In order to paint with pastels you should probably invest in a good variety of soft pastel chalk colors. The colors don't mix nearly as well as other types of paint which is why the kits generally come in a huge variety of colors.

Because they are a bit messy I would suggest an artists smock, or if you don't have one of those you can have the child wear an old t-shirt by itself or over clothing.

With soft pastels (not oil based) you don't need brushes or any type of liquid additive. All you need is art paper, the sticks and you may want something to shade with, like a soft cloth. Some people find using an easel helpful, but it is not necessary.

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Pastel paintings for kids to do: what supplies do they need?
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