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Kids and anxiety: How much is too much?

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It's normal for kids to have some anxiety. Whether it's anxiety relating to strangers, social situations or new experiences, don't be surprised if they're not eager to jump in, talk to people they don't know, or be a little clingy.

When kids have extreme shyness, are unable to self soothe, prefer watching instead of participating, and/or maintain a negative attitude toward preschool, they might be experiencing too much anxiety.

Fortunately, there are ways we can help them. We can be model confident behavior, let them role play in various situations, and watch videos or read books together about confident kids. Make sure not to criticize, be overprotective or overly sympathetic, or give too much attention to fearful behaviors. Praise their efforts at handling uncomfortable situations and do talk to their teachers how you can work together with them to help your child.

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Kids and anxiety: How much is too much?
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