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How to reward children effectively

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I believe that rewards should be tied to a positive parenting approach. For example, let's say your child really wants an art table in their bedroom (this is my daughters wish currently). What I have told her is to show me that she can care for her room without my input and I will get her art table. An art table can be pretty messy so I need to trust her to take care of it if she has one in there. The one she wants is almost $200 and I don't mind spending the money, what I don't want is paint, glitter and glue everywhere. I'm pretty sure she's going to get the table, and she will be learning the value of keeping your living pace neat!


I think one of the most powerful things we can do for our children is encourage them, boost their self esteem and see them smile. My son brought home his report card, and was a little discouraged that he brought home his very first C. ( He's 11 in 5th grade). I told him how very proud I am of him, as this year is totally different.


It depends on the child. Money, coloring pages (yes coloring pages! how simple is that?!) and media works for rewards in our house, not to mention lollipops.


Expecting the same grades in all subject areas from all of your children is not the best practice. A good reward will motivate a bad reward has the potential to discourage. Try talking with your kids to see what reward will motivate them the most.

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How to reward children effectively
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