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Is ok when people want to rub your pregnant belly

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Most people were polite enough to ask for permission to rub my pregnant belly. If I knew them well enough, I'd usually let them but strangers? No. Negative. Nada. Not happening.

There was one evening in my third trimester I was working late and locked myself out of the office so the cleaning lady had to let me back in. While we were in the elevator, she reached over and rubbed my belly. I was shocked because even though my belly was really out there, I couldn't believe a stranger invaded my personal space like that and since we were in an elevator, I couldn't exactly escape right away.


Same way when I was pregnant with my daughter so I never really had to deal with strangers wanting to rub my belly cuz they would never know I was pregnant lol. I've never really had anyone at work try to touch me either, of course only those that Im in regular contact with even realize I'm pregnant. I let my daughter touch my stomach whenever she wants and if a really close friend wanted to that would be fine with me but I would like it if they asked first. I generally do not like my stomach to be touched ever anyway

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Is ok when people want to rub your pregnant belly
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