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How much nutrition is in rice cereal for babies

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I give my son rice cereal, an all natural brand with DHA and probiotics. Since he has had it, he no longer spits up (he was spitting up, excessively). We tried gas drops before he ate and that worked for a while and then stopped, we tried sitting him up for thirty minutes, and that didn't work...we even burped him a lot. Rice cereal helps keep his milk down. His pediatrician told me to start him on rice cereal.


While most pediatricians will recommend rice cereal as one of babies first food choices, there is some controversy about this. White Rice Cereal has been known to, quite possibly, be linked to childhood obesity.

White Rice Cereal is actually gluten-free and an allergy free option, so that makes it great to start a baby off with if you fear they may be allergic to any food. The overall nutritional value though, there really isn't much there. It is very high calorie and some professionals actually cite that feeding a baby white rice cereal is just as bad as giving them a spoonful of sugar.

As with all parenting options out there for us, it's best for you to choose on your own what is best, but if you are seeking a nutritional option for babies first food - I say no to the rice cereal, as it is not a good nutritional valued food item for baby.

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How much nutrition is in rice cereal for babies
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