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I'm having a baby girl-mom's testimonials

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I guess I try to gear it towards age but my girls are such willing participants (for the most part) they just go with the flow.


Jasmine has learned to tie her shoes, and has had a GREAT week at school. Grahm had a well check up on Tuesday, and he is doing great, except for the fact that he still only says mama and dada. We had a problem with Makenzie, though, so I am not worried about it​.


Both of my daughters love their baby dolls and they have a million.Sometimes when we're playing I'll even say something along the lines of " you have to be quite the baby's sleeping" they'll say oh mom she's not real lol.I do think that baby dolls are a great start to a great mom.


So sorry, I had 3 miscarriages in between my 2 girls and the only thing that kept me going was something i read on a miscarriage website.I tell my youngest that she was special and God wanted me to have her.

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Check your pregnancy week by week. Newborn
1. My prenatals are every week now. My calendar is full of them — I’ve got them scheduled through week 41, just in case. My doctor also scheduled my Group B strep test.
I'm having a baby girl-mom's testimonials
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