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Is rocking baby to sleep effective?

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My two oldest LOVE the rocking chair. My two youngest are give and take.. It really depends on the day with them. I rocked my baby last night and she kept opening her eyes and giggling at me. I was just thinking-go to sleep please! I'm tired!


Rocking can obviously be quite the soother to some babies.. the motion, the cuddling, etc.. some babies love it and it definitely helps ease them into sleeping.. if that's what you want! On the flip side.. if a baby gets completely used to rocking before say, bedtime, it could be a double edged sword.. they could become pretty dependent on it and not know how to fall asleep by themselves.


Charlie is now at a stage (4.5 months) where he gets really fussy when he's tired. I'm with him every day so I know the signs. Rubbing eyes, not hungry, dry diaper, he's just plain fussy. What works for us is swaddling him, sitting in the glider until he's not upset anymore and falls asleep. Whichever way works for you, there is no substitution that mama & baby time, so spend as much as you can and have fun learning

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Is rocking baby to sleep effective?
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