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Sentimental ways to say RIP baby

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I want to do something to remember our little ones. I'd love to get a tattoo, but I don't think I'm going to go there right now... I've thought about planting a flower in a pot, but I'm scared in a way because I don't always have a green thumb.

I really do like memorial candles, and I might try to buy a couple of those and do something with them.


I wasn't planning to get pregnant with him, but I didn't know I wanted a baby so badly until I started getting on other forums for moms who couldn't conceive.

I also named my baby, and I wrote God several letters. I prayed a lot, I said a Novena to try to get pregnant again last Fall, and I'm forever grateful it worked. I'm no longer Catholic but I was desperate to have a child.

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Sentimental ways to say RIP baby
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Happy Birthday to my Son Ryan who is 31 today!!
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