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Will my belly button pop out when pregnant

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Some do and some don't. It depends on how deep your belly button is. I have an innie and it goes in deep. A friend of mine is the same and we were pregnant at the same time and neither of ours popped out. Do not worry about it not popping or popping out; it is adorable either way. ;)


Mine did for my first(middle) child and didn't for my youngest. I just figure it doesn't for every pregnancy. It not popping out made it easier to hide the pregnancy and still wear a bikini.


The belly button may or may not pop out during pregnancy. With 2 of my kids, it didn't. It did become flush with my belly though. With Joley, I was huge and it did go past the belly. It depends on how deep your belly button was prior to pregnancy and how much the belly stretches to accommodate baby.

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Will my belly button pop out when pregnant
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