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Can you feel ovulation?

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I had no idea you can feel ovulation. Is that even a thing? If so, I've obviously been living under a huge boulder. I guess I'm too busy with two jobs and all of life's problems to the point I just don't pay enough attention to my body to even notice any real changes to my body. *shrugs* Hope I'm not the only one that didn't know it was even a thing...


in my case I do, when i have period cramps and lots of discharge i know im on my ovulation!


Me, personally? No, I can't feel ovulation.I know many women who claim they can though, either by a twinge or cramp of some other feeling. Others judge it by their symptoms such as a spike in libido. For me, though, I often don't feel anything or maybe I am just not paying enough attention to my body to notice.


Yes, I get some very distinct ovulatory pain in my side. When I was a teen, it was so bad once that I went to the hospital thinking I had appendicitis!


I know today is my 1st day of ovulation & I just feel crampy & sore breasts


Usually when I feel ovulation cramps it followed by thick white fluids.

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Can you feel ovulation?
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