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Explain the typical stages of ovulation

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Each ovary releases one egg ( or occasionally more than one) in alternate menstrual cycles, so ovulation takes place from only one ovary at a time. Eggs that are selected to start to mature do so within a fluid-filled bubble called a follicle, which starts to enlarge under the influence of FSH. Usually only one dominant follicle becomes fully mature and ovulates. Estrogen stimulates the growth of the lining of the uterus as well as breast tissues. As the level of estrogen in your blood rises, it feeds back a message to the hypothalamus telling it that the follicle is mature and ready to ovulate. The hypothalamus informs the pituitary glands to release a short burst of LH hormone, called a pulse, which triggers the release of the egg about 36 hours later. The egg bursts from the follicle, which has grown to about the size of a quarter coin. This is called ovulation.

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Explain the typical stages of ovulation
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