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I had three miscarriages prior to becoming pregnant with my oldest and also suffered a late term miscarriage between my youngest daughter and oldest son. My pregnancies have been filled with their own challenges so i am more than sympathetic there.

Babies that REFUSE to nurse, babies with acid reflux, babies that were born allergic to dairy (that one was fun).

I have also suffered my fair share of personal issues with motherhood. Twice diagnosed with post-partum depression and once with post-partum psychosis.


My first miscarriage was a blighted ovum and the baby just didn't form. Matthew died in utero, the next three were a lot of blood loss but I didn't get to see babies and my las t, Michael, there was no reason but I did run down the road after our dog and can't help but think it was just too much and caused me to lose him. He was perfectly formed and so tiny at 14 weeks, but much smaller than Matthew was.

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