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Are induced contractions more painful?

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With my first son I was not Induced but with my 2nd I was... From my experience it IS a lot more painful. There are a few ways they induce labor. I was induced with oxytocin also known as Pitocin thru an IV. This way they could adjust the amount I needed depending on how my labor progressed. First she gave me to much and I was in an enormous amount of pain. Don't let that scare you they can easily adjust the amount of oxytocin that goes thru your IV so that you aren't in to much pain.


Contractions during an induction may feel more painful and intense for a variety of reasons.

With an induced labor contractions general come on faster and are longer and stronger right away, not allowing you to gradually adjust to the pain. Sometimes women can also have a negative reaction the the medications which cause contractions to be too strong or long but the medical staff will be watching out for that and alert you to a problem.

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Are induced contractions more painful?
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