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Scaring babies on purpose-can it harm your baby

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When they get older they still could be scared and your baby doesnt know anything they may think its real


I think this fully depends on the level of scared. While your baby's personality is still forming, it's pretty important from a psychological standpoint to not terrify them. A little spook here and there I think allows them to understand their fight or flight reactions and learn how to contain them, what they are for, when they are needed.


maybe it's age... my son is 9 and daughter is 6... things are spooky to them.. shadow of a stuffed animal.. or jacket or chair... the thought of aliens of they're real or not and if they CAN actually suck your brain... these things are starting to freak them out.I tell them they're safe, it's just a movie, and try to relate...

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Scaring babies on purpose-can it harm your baby
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