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Is it ok to tell scary bedtime stories for kids?

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I think it really depends on the kid. Honestly, some kids can think regular stories are scary so I'd just try to gauge their response. My brother cried when my dad read him Hansel & Gretal. The witch's oven scared him. So I guess it depend on what you think is scary. Personally I wouldn't want to scare my kid because I'd be the one who'd have to deal with their nightmares all night.


Personally, we don't tell scary bedtime stories. We feel it is important for our children to get a good night's sleep. Telling scary stories or watching a scary-to-them movie is counter productive to allowing them to get a good night's rest. I really don't recommend it. And what is the point of trying to scaring your children anyways

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Is it ok to tell scary bedtime stories for kids?
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