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Pregnant moms, what prego tools do you use?

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I use an app called Baby Bump and it tells me what's going on with the baby what it looks like what it weighs and how big it is l. It also tells me what day I'm in, like I know I'm 10 weeks but it says day such and such. I also use moms.com XD and a countdown app so I can see how many days I have left and get more and more excited


I use the App called Baby Feed. It's for free but upgraded it later for purchase(more features). Still using it to today. It's very helpful when you are busy working, taking care of your child and the household at the same time. The app really eases up the stress to remember when is the next feeding?diaper?last nap time? It also shows her growth path when u enter the info from your child pediatrician in there. And also...my hubby can also see everything and can act and help without asking me.


You can see when you're ovulating by buying ovulation predictor kits (OPK's). They sell expensive ones, but I've heard the ones from the dollar store work just as well. You use them just like a pregnancy. Or you can track your symptoms of ovulation... I use the free OvuView app on my phone to keep track of the symptoms.


I don't have a smart phone

so I never used any apps while I was pregnant . I would have definitely used then though if I did . They can be a great way to track the stages of our pregnancy and many other things .

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Pregnant moms, what prego tools do you use?
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