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Did you see your baby on a ultrasound?

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Yes at 7 weeks I did.


Yes and at the last one we found out she is a girl. We go back in 3 wks for another one because she has her back up to my stomach so we couldn't get a good picture of her face so doc wants us to go back


I did see my babies on ultrasound . It is one of the best parts of pregnancy . It was so cool to see them moving and be able to see all of their little parts !!. with my last pregnancy I had the 3D ultrasounds which were so neat you can really see what baby looks like and can see thing o much more clearly than with the traditional ones .


No I never got to experience this. I wish I would of been able to but my pregnancy was a secret until two days Juli was born. As that said no doctors appt. or no ultrasound.


Was always so excited to see my babies on the ultrasound. Had several with #1 & #2 due to premature labor. Baby #3 seems to be headed down the several ultrasound route too. It's an ultrasound every other week while I'm in high risk obs care.


yes and heard the hb at 6 weeks! So exciting! was 122 bpm


My OB did a quick ultrasound at every visit. I absolutely loved that about our visits. It made me feel so great to see baby every 4 weeks

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Did you see your baby on a ultrasound?
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