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Best foods for toddlers to eat

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Autumn loves to explore a different variety of food textures. Tofu has been a favorite of hers for a while. She loves soft cubes of chicken, turkey, carrots, brocoli, green beans and peas. Soft cooked apples, or very thin sliced raw apples. Crackers, hard cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese ect. Toddlers can eat what you eat as long as its soft enough for them to mash with their jaws. By one they should have some teeth and enjoy foods that you enjoy.


2 to 3 cups of milk. (Milk can take many forms, including yogurt, cheese, pudding.) Some children are not good milk drinkers and must rely on other foods for their protein. Conversely, other toddlers drink milk to the exclusion of other foods, resulting in deficiencies of iron or other nutrients.

4 servings of fruits and vegetables- (One tablespoon per year of age is the rule for serving size.) One serving should be high in vitamin C and another in vitamin A.

4 servings of bread and cereal- Toddlers are apt to eat more of these, which is okay as long as it's not to the exclusion of other food groups. One serving should be of an iron-fortified baby cereal. A serving size is about 1/4 to 1/3 an adult portion (for example, 1/4 slice toast, 1/4 cup pasta).

2 servings of meat, beans, eggs, tofu, or peanut butter- A good serving of protein should be served at every meal. A serving equals 1/2 ounce.

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Best foods for toddlers to eat
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