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Pre school lesson plans: craft ideas

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One of the highlights of my kids preschool Valentin's parties was delivering their Valentine's! In preschool the teacher had them just write "From _______" on it so they could just drop it it and not spend time looking for the persons name. So they sat in a circle and one by one they walked around "mailing" their Valentine's! It was too cute!


You'll want to coordinate your preschool craft ideas with your lesson plan. What is your unit about? What is the lesson you want to teach?

For example, if it relates to weather, go for a nature walk and collect different leaves for leaf rubbings or create a snow scene using cotton balls.

If it relates to holidays, make jack o'lantern faces with cut out pieces of black paper to be pasted onto orange paper pumpkins or candy canes using red and white pipe cleaners.

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Pre school lesson plans: craft ideas
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