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How to handle getting pregnant while nursing

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The issues I had with with nursing while pregnant were very sore nipples at the beginning of my pregnancy so with a couple I weaned my toddler because not only were my nipples sore I felt my space was infringed upon, if that makes sense. I almost felt suffocated because my pregnancy was taking over my body etc, and then I had this toddler in my space too for nursing. The pregnancies I successfully nursed through these things were not so much of an issue. Sometimes my milk supply just dried up for some reason later in my pregnancy but once I gave birth I had more than enough for two.


While I was pregnant with Hayden, I tried everything I could to wean Audrey and she just wouldn't have it. I nursed her through my entire pregnancy, and about 4 months after the baby was born, she just decided she was done.

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How to handle getting pregnant while nursing
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