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Toddler laptop: fun for kids or waste of money?

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Both Leap Frog and VTech products are really good. They are the larger competitors to each other is seems, My son has a couple of products from each and he loves them. He will be 3 next month and we bought him the Vtech Tote and Go when he turned 1. It looks like a little orange laptop with a mouse. Although for ages 3-6, he loved it. It took some time to figure things out but he really loved it and still plays with it and truly has learned from it. From his 2nd birthday into Christmas he was given gifts of Vtech-Innotab 3s (basically a childs tablet- but kid proof and kid tough for dropping without easy damaging), the Leap Frog Leapster (similar to like a gameboy but kid proof), and also the Leap Frog "Scout" Stuffed speaking Puppy.

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Toddler laptop: fun for kids or waste of money?
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