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Toddler foods: 10 tips feeding the picky eater

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my nephew is a very picky eater and I taught him this trick,take a bit of whatever he doesn't care for then take a bit of something he likes and it covers up the taste. It works for us.


. My kids learn that they eat what I make or they don't eat . That being said I do make sure that if I know it is something one of them doesn't really like that there is a side that they do like to go with it or I give them extra fruit with their dinner or something like that .


One thing I found really interesting is that they say not to disguise it. I tried that for a bit, but I got discouraged since it was a ton of work and if he ate what I was hiding the food in, he only ate a tiny bit and got next to no veggies.

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Toddler foods: 10 tips feeding the picky eater
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