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Fun and easy science activities for toddlers

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Tornado in a Bottle

Learn how you can make a tornado in a bottle with just a few simple items that you can find around the house.

Seed Germination

Plant seeds and learn about germination with this cool experiment. Watch seedlings grow as you look after them with the right amount of light and water.

Vinegar Volcano

Vinegar and baking soda make for a fun and easy science experiment. Try creating a vinegar volcano.

Make Glowing Water

Use black light to make glowing water and find out exactly how it works with this fun science experiment for kids.

Gravity Free Water

Turning a glass of water upside down doesn't always have to involve someone getting wet.

Make a Parachute

Design and build a parachute that uses important science principles to carefully lower an object to the ground.

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Fun and easy science activities for toddlers
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