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Cooking for picky toddlers tips

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I don't think toddlers are being picky when it comes to foods. They like what taste good to them, and might like it one day, and the next not like it. When they are introduced to solids, a variety of different textured foods, should be introduced. When they have teeth and can mash with their jaw, they should be able to eat what you eat. I have never made anything special for Autumn. If she feels like she doesn't want to eat what we are having, I just wait until an hour or so and see if she wants it, or just give her some cereal, yogurt something soft.


Variety and serving it lots of different ways. Try introducing a veggie or fruit or whatnot in it's naked form (not all foods are advisable in naked form, i.e. raw carrots should not be given to young toddlers). Then try steaming, baking, mashing, cooking, shredding, etc. to give different textures and add spices or mix in other foods. When feeding my kids I always give them lots to choose from, example: blueberries and strawberries, shredded carrot medley, peanut butter and crackers, chicken bites, and yogurt. I also give them at least one or two things I know they like and will eat...then introduce or add something they don't really like or have never tried.


Well, when my daughter turned one, I still wasn't too upset about what she ate or didn't because she was still young. I gave her supplemental squeeze pouches (organic were the best, nutritionally) and also the big kid food from the jars. If I cooked food, I made stuff that was simple but I knew would fill her up like grains (rice, pasta, breads) and lots of vegetables. I slowly introduced different meats for protein but again, I relied a lot on the squeeze pouches for toddlers to supplement the stuff I knew she wouldn't eat like chicken or beef or pork. She loved fish though. Fish is really soft and flaky and usually very easy to chew. I just baked whole fillets and cut it into small, bite sized pieces and it worked really well.

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Cooking for picky toddlers tips
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