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Tips for introducing new baby to a toddler

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We always introduced our toddlers to our pregnancy when we deemed it appropriate. It actually varied with each child. With our older children I think we told them sooner than our younger children. Once we introduced them to the pregnancy, we talked about the baby. We talked about our children being big sisters and brothers, about helping mommy and daddy with the new baby. We made them feel a part of the whole process.

Once baby arrived, our children met their new baby brother or sister at the hospital or at home in our bedroom. We have never had a problem with jealousy. All of our children have happily received their new siblings with joy and acceptance. They loved holding the new baby and they clamored to do so when it was their turn.

The sweetest thing was when our third daughter met our firstborn son. She held him in the hospital and did not want to give him back to me. She called him, "Mine!" She bonded immediately, don't you think? :)

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Tips for introducing new baby to a toddler
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