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What are must have baby proofing products

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In addition to the items mentioned, don't forget to secure furniture to the wall. This includes book shelves, dressers, TV and TV stand and anything else they could pull down on top of themselves.


Outlet covers, cabinet and drawer locks, door handle covers, baby gates. There are also end table covers to protect your infant from striking his/her head on rough edges. You also need to keep the floors and carpets clean for crawlers and walkers. The trick is to get on your hands and knees and look at things from their eye level. Anything you don't want them touching, place on a higher shelf or relocate. We also have GFI outlets installed in our bathrooms and kitchen so they cannot stick any objects into the outlet and get shocked. I know you can also purchase inexpensive door alarms if you choose not to use the door handle covers. We are thinking about using those on windows and doors around our home.

Also, we have a lock for our bathroom closet where we keep all of the cleaning supplies.


The basics for us are usually the outlet covers and cabinet locks for the ones we don't want them getting into . The door handle covers are great too for hen they learn how to open doors ! There are also toilet locks which I used for a couple of my boys who had a love of the toilet !! LOL They even have locks for the fridge and oven and covers for oven nobs . Cords are a big one you need to deal with also .

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What are must have baby proofing products
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