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What's the outlook for premature babies born before 32 weeks

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The outlook pf premature babies varies greatly. There are many factors involved in the short term and long term issues a preemie may face. On average a preemie will need to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) until their due date. The preemie will receive specialized care to help them grow and develop. The key issues most preemies face are:
- Breathing, the lungs develop in the final weeks of pregnancy. Most preemies need some kind of assistance to breath.
- Eating, most preemies are not able to coordinate breathing and eating. They will need intravenous nutrition or a feeding tube until they are old enough and coordinated enough to eat orally.
- Maintaining body temperature. Most preemies are tiny and have very little body fat. They need to be kept warm in heated isolettes.
- Premature babies face a number of medical complication due to their under developed organs. Some of these issues include a hold in their heart that doesn't close on it's own, an intestinal problem and other breathing and heart problems.

Premature babies face a long tough road of medical issues. Thankfully the skills and technology of the doctors and hospitals will help your baby through these tough times and give them better odds at survival.

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What's the outlook for premature babies born before 32 weeks
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