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Bathing suits post baby: are you insane?

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Best I can do for a bathing suit is a pair of guys swimming trunks and a tank top. Havent bought a bathing suit in about 7 years. With ne being. Bigger girl, both on top and bottom, never could find one that would fit the top. Would fit me fine around the waist but not my bust. Finally decide just to do guys trunks, an old bra and an old tee ank top and works fine for me.


I think we all know having a baby seriously changes your body, and it's easy to start feeling insecure. Nothing shows off all the parts we feel most insecure about quite like a bathing suit. This article talks about why we as Moms need to embrace our bodies, put on the swimsuits and enjoy our summers! The article talks about how staying covered up and out of the water doesn't just make you have less fun - it makes it so that your kids don't have memories of you playing in the water with them, having fun with them, and just making memories.


I don't know about you.. but I feel so funny about going to the beach post baby and what I should or shouldn't be wearing. Maybe it's totally insane to even over think this.. but I am for some silly reason. I have lost all my baby weight, but sometimes still don't feel like myself again, does that even make sense? Probably not.. It's such a hard feeling to explain. I go back n forth between, just be yourself and wear what you always have.. to hello, you are a Mom, maybe cover up a bit. Tomorrow I am doing some last minute swim suit shopping..


I don't know I haven't worn a bathing suit since I had my first LOL You are beautiful momma !!! Be proud of that post baby body !!!!

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Bathing suits post baby: are you insane?
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