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5 reasons to love having a baby girl

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Taking a shot at this.

1. She's a mini you. You can use your experiences as a female to help her grow into a strong woman!

2. She's another friend to do girl stuff. Although a boy will provide an amazing mother and child relationship, a girl will provide the same relationship and eventually become another friend to indulge in girl time with!

3. The clothes and decor! Girl stuff is so cute, and until she's old enough to choose what she wears or how her room is made up, you can go all out on the pink and frills as you can handle!

4. You can tease your husband. Especially if he really wanted a boy and after hearing "It's a girl!," he knows he'll be wrapped around her finger!

5. Every baby is a blessing and is amazing!

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5 reasons to love having a baby girl
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Wow Have times have changes there not my lil babies anymore! Love yall !!
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