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Doctors for my baby: how did you pick one for your baby?

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Honestly I didn't have a doctor picked out for Noah before he was born. Most parents have a doctor picked out already. I was talking to one of the doctor's in the nursery and she asked me who Noah's doctor was, I said I didn't have one. She said that they are accepting new patients. It was in the next town from where we lived. It was also the same place that the doctor who was present during Noah's birth practiced so I just picked her and she was amazing.


My main issues with current pediatricians office is scheduling. I could make my son's next wellness visit before checkout at current office visit. However the past few times there is usually an excuse for why I can't not make one. That I have to call 4 or 6 weeks for now to have one scheduled for 3 months from today. Most of the office staff is friendly one is very rude and called me a liar. After I asked her yesterday to reschedule an appointment. She made just added a new one and the old appointment was still listed. Would have been for 2 days apart and they have high fees for no shows or late. One of the doctor's advice seems outdated and I stopped following the add rice cereal to baby's bottle when my baby was either 2-3 months old. Billing department makes mistakes.

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Doctors for my baby: how did you pick one for your baby?
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