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Should I let my baby cry it out

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It's totally up to YOU, as the parent. Personally, we do not let Monroe cry it out.. I've read some research and it's just not for us.. of course we don't jump to every beck and call the second it happens.. but I honestly refuse to let him scream his lungs out in the dark just so I can get some peace.. to me, I tend to him during the day when he needs me.. what makes bedtime so different? In my eyes he's still just a baby and it's personally just not what we do.. now, many have done it and love it.. so as I always say.. to each their own ;)


I did let my daughter cry it out very much when she was a baby and when you dont let they cry their lungs dont develop as good as they should and i know this from experience because we let her cry herself to sleep but not all the time and now she has to take an inhaler

if he doesnt fall asleep with in 30 min then i will go pick him up

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Should I let my baby cry it out
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