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When do you start showing during pregnancy

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Every women is different and a lot of it depends on our size . Also the number of pregnancies you have had makes a difference . With the first it was about 4 months or so but with each one is seemed to be sooner . With Noah it was really fast but I guess when you have had 6 things tend not to go back to how they were very easily !!


I didn't show at all during my pregnancy. My belly was so tiny it just looked as if I lost maybe 5 pounds. I wore my regular clothes and sometimes even a bikini yet no one noticed. I feel as if I missed that part in the pregnancy I wanted a belly that was noticed but maybe next time. Believe it or not this picture was two weeks before giving birth. No baby belly.


I'm tiny..so I show quickly. Usually by about 15-16 weeks at the most. Everyboy is different and will show different, though.

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When do you start showing during pregnancy
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