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When do you get to know the sex of your baby?

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I had 2 ultrasound.. I had my first when I'm at 12 weeks and my 2nd at 25 weeks and 4 days and the OB says it's 80% boy.. And I'm just hoping that it's really a boy...
they say at 7 month for me to be sure, but my husband was so excited to know the gender of our baby so we did it...


it all depends, some say at 5 month to be sure of the sex, but in my case I found out at 29 weeks my son would always turn or close his legs!


It depends on when you have your first ultrasound . I had mine at 16 weeks with my last so we were able to find out then . With my other pregnancies it was around 20 weeks at my main ultrasound . They can tell so much sooner these days than they used to be able to . One of them I found out after an Amnio pretyy early on in my pregnancy .

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When do you get to know the sex of your baby?
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