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What to take to hospital when having a baby?

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I would say to take all the normal stuff. Clothes for everyone, stuff for baby. The stuff I didn't think about was shower stuff for me and something to keep myself entertained! I knew I was having a c-section that was going to happen almost as soon as we got to the hospital but it kept getting pushed out farther and farther due to emergency c-sections happening. We ended up being there for over 12 hours before our son was born, and I was bored and scared out of my mind with all that time to think, and nothing to do!


I packed all this crazy stuff!!! All you realy need is a few pair of normal "Full coverage" under ware no thongs... some heavy pads. I got the over night ones since I was laying and sitting a lot. some yoga or pj pants. bra shirt sweatshirt to go home depending on weather a jacket. Also your toiletry bag shampoos brush soap deodorant hair binders. Bobbys. makeup if you really want it. Maybe some slippers I just walked around my room in bare feet or they will give you those grippy socks.

For baby: Go home jammies. hat mittens blanket car seat.

For the whole time I was in the hospital (5 days) I wore the hospital gown I did get to put on normal under ware and a normal pad on day 2 or 3 (best day ever!!! Ha Ha) I put on Yoga pants and tank sweat shirt jacket for going home.


What I brought that I was happy to have was:

- comfortable maternity pants to wear home (no you probably will not fit into your non-maternity pants in 2-3 days. It could happen, but don't plan on it!)

- a nursing bra

- my hairbrush and ponytail holders. I did not have time or energy to do my hair.

- "granny" panties. Seriously. Hideous full-coverage cotton underpants that you don't mind ruining. Tons of people seem to love the mesh underwear they give in the hospital, but I hate it. It doesn't fit me right.

- a coming home outfit and car seat for the baby.

- change for Daddy so he could get coffee or something from a vending machine.


1) Bring entertainment (laptop, cell phone, tablet and charger.)

2) Clothes for hubby/boyfriend

3) Clothes to wear home


I have a toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, an outfit for me and for the baby, a book, a brush, and a few hair clips to keep the hair out of my face since I don't plan on bringing my hair dryer. I packed my bag according to what I was given when I delivered my daughter last year. Last year, I had wayyy over packed, and was just frustrated getting things back together to leave the hospital.

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What to take to hospital when having a baby?
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