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Could my prenatal vitamins make my nausea worse?

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I had to try three different types of prenatals before finding one that did not upset my stomach. I also had to take it with dinner. If I took it with breakfast or lunch, it made me sick. If you are given one and try for at least a week (if you can stand it) and are getting sick from it, talk to your pharmacist for a different kind. That worked for me!


Many women find that prenatal vitamins make their nausea worse. Prenatal vitamins are very important so it is best to find a way to continue taking them. Some women find that gummy vitamins or chewable vitamins cause less nausea or stomach upset. Try taking your vitamins at different times of day to see when you have the least amount of symptoms. Make sure you take your vitamins with food as well.

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Could my prenatal vitamins make my nausea worse?
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