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Do you buy expensive clothes for your baby?

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No im a bargain shopper. We dont spend alots on clothes but we do buy name brands when we find deals. I often shop online to buy things cheap that would be expensive otherwise. we also shope clearance and thrift shops.


We didn't buy son expensive clothes because babies grow so fast but his first birthday he did get alot of expensive clothing from the family..it was like once I got him into a new size they would only fit for about a month and most of the things we bought he didn't have a chance to wear


No because they grow so fast, it's a waste of money


Um... No... most everything we buy for LO is on sale or from good will or thrift store a hand me down from a friend. even his snow stuff was from a garage sale. It was a $60 columbia set and I got it for $20!!! it was great. I will spend money on things that will for sure keep him warm like swat shirts a few good pair of mittens and hats since we play out side in the snow and he just got a pair of rain boots from fleet farm for $20... they were a little much but we needed them. I'm normaly pretty good we just got a used pair of Nike's that are in really good shape for $3 from good will :) SCORE!!!


it really depends. We only buy expensive stuff for him if we know he will wear it a ton. James has a $45 jacket from REI, that he loves wearing and he wears it constantly. For some stuff we go all out to buy his regardless of price and other stuff we save money on.


Heck no!


There is no need to buy expensive clothes for your baby. They grow to fast and sometimes might only wear an outfit a couple of times.

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Do you buy expensive clothes for your baby?
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