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Sleep training for babies: your experience

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Bentley sleeps in his bed with a little bear the er gave him a couple weeks ago he calls obee however he still gets up at about 3 usually and wants me


We moved Aaradhya in her nursery this weekend. She had been waking me up 3-4 times every night since a month due to teething and growth spurt. I was sleep deprived and tired so we decided to move her crib into her nursery. Now she wakes up once in the night for feed, sleeps at 9pm and wakes up at 8am. I was so nervous that I won't hear her via baby monitor and anxious that she won't adapt to change. But it looks like she got comfortable in a new room pretty fast! Babies are stronger and more intelligent than we give them credit.


So i've been considering trying sleep training for my 10.5 month baby girl. She seems to rely only on being in our arms in order to sleep. I think early on as a newborn we did this with giving her the bottle and as time has passed, her connection to us has grown even more (naturally). We have stopped giving her the bottle for naps and bedtime at night and seems like it's been working like a charm, 3 weeks going strong! But she wakes up a lot now at nights just wanting to be held. We give her some water, seems to calm her down a bit, but the most is just wanting to be in our arms. Some nights it works but lately the moment we take her to her crib she starts to cry and the process has to start all over again. We got to the point where we took her to our bed just so she and we could get some shut-eye. We have never done co-sleep so doing this is concerning me.

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Sleep training for babies: your experience
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