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What interesting facts do you know about baby development in the womb?

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Your baby will start moving in the womb at 7 or eight weeks, however you won't be able to feel him kick until sometime between 16 and 22 weeks. Women who have been pregnant before are more likely to notice the first subtle kicks (called quickening) earlier than new moms because they have experience telling Baby's movements apart form other belly rumblings. Thinner women also tend to feel movement earlier than women who carry more weight.


New research shows that the longer baby stays in the womb the smarter they will be . A study showed that full term babies have improved brain development and higher academic test scores . Some benefits of reading to baby in the womb : they get to know your voice , your reading soothes them , they start to learn language , when you relax so does baby , prenatal bonding benefits future health and well being , the more words heard the more successful baby will be , reading strengthens family and social bonds . These are just a few of the benefits .

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What interesting facts do you know about baby development in the womb?
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