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Bottle fed babies: are they less healthy?

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I have one breastfed baby and one bottle baby... My fear of the bottle fed one was that they were going to grow up sickly with ear infections and low immunity... I was so guilty and so worried for so long...

But guess what? My bottle baby is the healthiest... They're both healthy (knock on wood) but.. if I had to choose.. my son, who was breastfed for 11 months... had more ear issues, allergies and chest congestion throughout the years.. My baby girl... was bottle fed after 5 days of "nursing" and is awesome and healthy and well and strong and smart, etc...


. I struggled to breastfeed by child, pushed and shoved by family friends and even the hospital staff (surprisingly enough) to breast feed. I simply couldn't, my baby had latching issues and I had production issues. Through tears (on both ends) while breast feeding, he lost a significant amount of weight and the Dr finally said it was time for the bottle. To date, I still get looked down at for bottle feeding, and I felt back for a long time because I was seen as giving "inferior" nutrition to my child. Thank you for showing me that's not the case; both work great, and bottle fed babies are not weak and sick, they are happy healthy babies. :)

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Bottle fed babies: are they less healthy?
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