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Advice on showering a baby if you don't have a bath

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My son 9 Months will take showers with me. He crawls around in the tub and after I'm done washing me... I either squat down or sit down in the tub with the shower still on and wash his hair and loofa his body and then pick him up and rince him off. I hold him like you would hold a big baby (Not laying down) I also bend his one leg and hold on to his leg under his butt it seems to be more secure and I use my other hand to rinse him off yes the water runs over his face no he doesn't like it but he doesn't understant to lean his head back. I put him back on the floor of the tub and rince me off turn the water off and I dry off and then get him out and dry him off. It works just fine.

IF you are not comfortable with that idea They can be VERY VERY slippery.or baby is to little. You can always use your kitchen sink. It works great Just don't EVER leave baby in sink or shower they can slip go under water faster then you can blink!


I'm not sure about placing a baby in a shower. If I did not have a bathtub I would bathe them in the kitchen or bathroom sink. The shower would make me too nervous.

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Advice on showering a baby if you don't have a bath
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