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Does your baby prefer certain bottle brands?

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Honestly your baby is going to decide what kind of bottle they like, as different bottle brands have different nipple shapes. Some babies don't care, like my daughter, she'd drink from any bottle. My son on the other hand will only use Nuk. I suggest buying a couple of a few different brands to give your baby a choice. I don't breastfeed but I think people have different opinions on what bottles they love or hate based mostly on how much their babies liked them. Thats why some people may love a bottle while others hate it, even if it's supposed to be a "really good" bottle brand.


I highly recommend Nuby brand grow with me cups. They start as bottles then you can switch to the dippy cup spout it comes with and add the handles if you want. I use those for milk. We then use Nuby straw cups for water and juice and we also use some of the plastic dippy cups. We will be doing my the same thing with Elianna.

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Does your baby prefer certain bottle brands?
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