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Genetic testing for Down Syndrome: what if my baby has it?

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The doctor asked me several times if I wanted the test, but I declined. Even with the slight chance of miscarriage, it wasn't a risk I felt comfortable taking. This is in no way trying to persuade mothers to do as I did. I have loved ones who are mentally challenged, and it doesn't bother me. If my child ended up with Downs, I would love my child the same. I also didn't want to spend my entire pregnancy worried (if I did find out they had a genetic illness) about my child, thus stressing out--as if I weren't already stressed enough.

We weren't aware of these conditions until after birth. Do I regret not doing the tests? Not at all. My little boy is here. He is perfect, and I wouldn't change anything about him nor would I my daughter.


all it should do is prepare you for it and seek help if needed before the baby comes. Though, I know people who have ended the pregnancy once finding out it was down syndrome which was sad to me, because they didn't want the added responsibility because they had too much going on, and they actually said that.. At the very least they could have gave that child up for adoption, but they made their choice and its something they need to live with. My husband and I talked about that and if that was the case, we would never do that and take on the responsibility of taking care of it and honestly I don't know if I want to even know if that child has down syndrome because it won't matter to us anyway, we would love that child regardless.


I know for years women over 35 were always told it was very important to test for Down Syndrome because there is a higher risk the older you are . I always chose to test with all of my pregnancies . My though was if baby did have it I wanted to be prepared ahead of time so that I could learn all I could and so that it would not be a shock when baby came . They are now saying that all pregnant women should be screened for Down syndrome, regardless of age, according to new guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

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Genetic testing for Down Syndrome: what if my baby has it?
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