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I love my baby's daddy, he left me for another girl: what to do?

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I know how that is my first baby daddy left me at 9 months pregnant but i move on and raised my daughter on my own and she is now 6 years old .you have to do what is best for ur baby for get him and move on .just love on your baby that what matter later on you will find some else to love :-) 6 years after I met someone else and I haven't heard anything from my 1st baby daddy and am pregnant with #2


there is nothing wrong with still loving him but now you have a child that needs that love and energy to be giving to he/she... so is time to move on and let time take it course!


It's not worth your time or energy to even love your baby's daddy. If he truly cares and loves you and your baby then he wouldn't leave. Real man doesn't leave but always try to work things out.


Haha how ironic, this is my situation at exactly the moment. Well not exactly because I don't love him or ever have. Today I found out my baby daddy and mother are having a baby together. Jay will have no contact with her father or his family and my mother as long as I live. Disgusting I know, every situation is different so just try to go on with your life. Your life revolves around your child so you need to give them all the love you can no matter what you're going through be happy around them show no fear. If he's stupid enough to leave you be smart enough to let go! You deserve someone who loves your and your child whether that be the baby's dad or another man. Every mother deserves happiness and true love let it find you. Take care of your baby and live your life. Don't stop because of him, all mommies deserve the best and happiness.

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I love my baby's daddy, he left me for another girl: what to do?
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