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How many hours does your baby sleep?

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I'm a first time mom and was concerned my baby sleeps to much. He is 12 weeks old and at the very most he is only awake for an hour and a half, usually its much less (during the day). When I hear about other babies they seem to be awake for longer periods. I try to wake him up after 2 hours of sleep during the day. And try to feed him every 3 hours, even then he only wants to breast feed for a short time.


My 4 month old usual bedtime routine is bath at 7 then I nurse to sleep. The only problem with that is that I start nursing and rocking her around 7:15 and it takes till midnight for her to fall asleep. She will start to sleep I'll put her in her crib then she wakes up fussy. We do this 9 or 12 times and them if I'm lucky around midnight she falls asleep. Once asleep she sleeps all night but I am getting drained nursing her for 5 hours.


My 9 month old is always crying, whining and unhappy. I have taken her to her doctor and he says she's fine, she also doesn't sleep much at night and wakes up every 2 hours crying for no reason. I can't sleep, I can't eat, clean, cook and I'm always exhausted because she also wants me to carry her 24/7.

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How many hours does your baby sleep?
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