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When can you hear baby's heartbeat?

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The most memorable date, aside from the bad ones, was hearing my son's heartbeat for the first time. We went to the ER because I was having stomach pains. I was barely 7 weeks along. I was scared that s ome thing was wrong with my baby. It turned out to be a UTI but they wanted to check on my son to make sure he was doing alright. The ultrasound tech asked if I wanted to hear the heartbeat. I was shocked because I, as far as I knew, you had to be 8 weeks or more. He told me heartbeats could be heard at 6 weeks gestation now.


Somewhere between 6-8 weeks I believe they can hear the heartbeat. I miscarried at 6 weeks and they could hear a faint heartbeat when I went to the emergency room.

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When can you hear baby's heartbeat?
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