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Baby not gaining weight at the appropriate speed: what to do?

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Monroe had a few of these.. more than I would have liked, due to him not gaining weight at the speed they (the doctors) would have liked.

That being said.. did you Mamas also ever feel anxious, a bit stressed, confused, sad, emotional, like a bad Mama.. when you went to weight checks or had to come back for them?

I will be the first to say that I felt most of those feelings... looking back, much was due to hormones and everything just being so brand STINKIN NEW :)


I use to stress out about it too with my smaller babies (who by the way have stayed small in stature and weight for the most part). My husband was very small and short for the longest time. He didn't grow to almost 6'1 until he was 17-18 and he only weighed 145 when we got married. So he would always tell me our smaller babies were just taking after him, they were happy, gaining weight, just not in percentile and were fine. I wasted so much time worrying. As long as baby is happy, content and gaining, there shouldn't be any concerns.

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Baby not gaining weight at the appropriate speed: what to do?
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